Choose the correct item

1. We want more money. This job is terribly ….. . A. overpaid B. underpaid C. unpaid D. repaid 2. Our government has come up with a(n) …… to attract more visitors to our country. A. amount B. profit C. task D. scheme 3. Jenny’s getting married! I heard it straight from the ……mouth. A. bird’s B. horse’s C. cat’s D. dog’s 4. ……learning encourages children to work together. A. Cooperative B. Education C. Life D. Operating 5. …….causes great damage to plants as it contains dangerous substances. A. Deforestation B. Contamination C. Ozone layer D. Acid rain 6. It’s a ……no one was injured in the car accident. A. policy B. theme C. causeway D. miracle 7. The theme park is……outside the city, on the M11 motorway. A. situated B. guaranteed C. purchased D. stood 8. I have a ….. knowledge of all aspects of business. A. seen B. heard C. sound D. sure 9. My baby niece loves ……for photographs. She’s very cute! A. posing B. passing C. petrifying D. plunging 10. We went to see the Gladiator because we had read very good……. . A. policies B. reviews C. request D. ranging 11. The minimum cab…….is £1.50, so you can’t go very far for £3. A. passer-by B. gain C. fare D. ticket 12. I wouldn’t have bought this shirt if it wasn’t such excellent…….for money. A. pay B. value C. worth D. price 13. Steve works as a museum……., and really likes his job. A. curator B. carrier C. conductor D. usher 14. I was so happy I could……with excitement. A. gasp B. chuckle C. pose D. scream 15. War seems…….as the two countries cannot reach an agreement. A. sedate B. frizzy C. imminent D. accessible 16. I don’t…….having seen you before. Are you sure we’ve met? A. remind B. recall C. memorise D. forget 17. Sally……a lot of money; her new job is much better paid that the old one. A. earns B. does C. wins D. makes 18. As he was driving, he could see someone following him in the……mirror. A. dashboard B. mast C. ignition D. rear view 19. A car …….with a motorbike last night. A. knocked B. collided C. hit D. broke 20. He tore a book in half to……his strength. A. regulate B. demonstrate C. alternate D. conduct